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June 2019 Archives

Facilitating your child's recovery after domestic violence

Domestic violence can have lasting and damaging effects for you and anyone who has witnessed the abuse. If your former spouse in Oregon was perpetrating your abuse and your children were present at the time of the mistreatment, they may react for years to come because of the trauma they endured. At Daniel J. Lounsbury Attorney at Law, we have been able to provide support to many victims of domestic violence. 

Jealousy and custody disputes

The emotional impact of the divorce process can be intense, and people may struggle with various negative feelings while they are bringing their marriage to an end (these emotions can also linger after the divorce process is complete). Aside from depression, or even anger, some people may have a difficult time with jealousy. For example, a parent may be jealous due to the amount of time that their child’s other parent will be able to spend with the child, or they may be upset because of some other facet of the custody process. These emotions can become especially strong when a difficult dispute occurs.

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