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March 2018 Archives

Find the value of personal property before a settlement

When a marriage ends in Oregon, the couple must follow the state's plan for property division. According to the Oregon Judicial Branch, property includes much more than the home and other real estate. The couple must also divide their personal property, such as vehicles, furniture, jewelry and other objects.

Examining some of the other consequences of back child support

Those who have become delinquent on the child support they owe often face various problems and we have discussed many of them on this blog. From the interception of a tax refund to problems with passport applications, back child support is not to be taken lightly. However, we would like to point out that people who fall behind on their child support payments may face many other difficulties as well, some of which may not seem serious to an outsider but could disrupt a non-custodial parent's life tremendously.

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