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February 2019 Archives

Is all property eligible for division in a divorce?

Whether you are currently deep within the divorce process or you have just started filing papers, it is critical to have a firm understanding of property division. Although all factors in a divorce are important, property division may be one of the most intense issues. You may have grown attached to certain items during years of marriage, and it can be difficult to separate that property. You may be pleased to know that not all items are eligible for division in the divorce settlement. While marital property is considered divisible and may be distributed in a fair and equitable fashion, separate property may stay with the original owner even after the divorce is finalized.

What constitutes a fair and equitable property settlement?

When you go through your Oregon divorce, you likely will discover that the property settlement negotiations between you and your about-to-be ex-spouse will consume a good amount of time. Even assuming that both you and (s)he are fair-minded adults, neither of whom wants to deprive the other of what rightfully belongs to him or her, coming up with a fair and equitable property settlement agreement can sometimes be tricky.

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