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Families in need of legal help are often in very stressful situations. An attorney who understands and can relate to you can often make a world of difference. I am attorney Daniel J. Lounsbury, and for many years I have provided client-focused solutions to families in Salem, Oregon.

Marion County Contested Divorce Lawyer For A Broad Spectrum Of Family Law Matters

I handle a broad range of family law cases, including:

“I didn’t get the opportunity Tuesday to properly thank you. I am so grateful for all that you have done and continue to do in helping me and my children. My thanks to your staff as well for all their efforts, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Judy L.

My aim is to do what is best for my clients. Often, that means navigating their cases without relying on overly aggressive tactics which can compound the strain and anxiety that my clients are already feeling. Instead, I opt for creative, non-adversarial solutions that achieve my clients’ goals without creating additional turmoil. However, when my clients’ cases cannot be settled without litigation, I do not hesitate to forcefully represent my clients in court.

Some cases are more difficult than others. Cases that are mired in conflict or involve domestic violence need the wisdom of an experienced lawyer who will remain grounded — and provide continuous, sound guidance throughout this emotional time. I have led many clients through stormy battles, calmly and without creating additional conflict. As a Salem family law lawyer, I am committed to achieving my clients’ goals — efficiently and effectively.

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To schedule an appointment with me to discuss your family law goals, contact my office in Salem at 503-967-3119 or 800-615-7072.