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Salem Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of possessing, selling or manufacturing a controlled substance you need a lawyer ready to confront the full force of the state. I have had over 20 years of aggressively defending clients in state courts.

Experienced Salem Attorney For those Accused Of Drug Crimes

My experience includes cases in the following areas:

  • unlawful possession
  • unlawful manufacture
  • unlawful delivery

There are many factors and complex guidelines in place for drug crimes. Having an experienced attorney can help you understand the charges you face. To really understand what you may be facing upon conviction for an Oregon drug offense, it is necessary to identify the crime seriousness ranking and the individual’s personal criminal history score under the guidelines. Determining the maximum potential sentence under the crime seriousness ranking depends on the following factors:

  1. the type of controlled substance;
  2. the type of drug charge (possession, delivery, or manufacture);
  3. whether a “substantial quantity” was involved;
  4. whether the crime is classified as a “commercial drug offense”;
  5. whether a minor child was involved; and
  6. whether the offense took place within 1000 feet of a school.

In some instances plea agreements are reached; in others a trial is necessary. In many instances, co-defendants are charged in these kinds of cases, making the outcome unpredictable. Having a lawyer who can effectively defend you can make a big difference for you both in negotiations and in the courtroom.

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