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Salem Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

When a relationship is at its worst, domestic violence can appear and tear families apart. Increased pressure is placed on the police to make an arrest or cite someone when they have been called to a domestic disturbance. Penalties for what used to be misdemeanor domestic violence can constitute a felony if it is alleged the conduct occurred in front of minor children. If you or a loved one has been accused of domestic violence you need the services of a skilled attorney. I am Daniel J. Lounsbury, and I have been helping people navigate the complex issues that surround domestic assault or domestic violence cases for over 20 years. I offer a “no surprise” flat fee arrangement so you know up front what you are going to pay for my representation.

Handling Cases That Include A Protective Order

In some instances, a family member may apply for a civil Family Abuse Protective Order that affects your relationships with your children. I also have the ability to help protect your rights in those cases.

In other instances, domestic violence can result in the end of a marriage. As a family law attorney, I can help you try to salvage your marriage or defend you in the divorce, as the case may be. An attorney who can advocate your best interests in all aspects of your case-criminal and civil-can prove invaluable to you.

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