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If you have been injured by an uninsured driver or by a driver who has inadequate insurance, all is not lost. Your auto insurance coverage will protect you when the other driver can’t. Despite efforts by the insurance company to make you believe they are there for you, they aren’t. The insurance company’s job is to pay you as little money as possible. The fact that you and your insurance company have different goals is especially true in an uninsured or underinsured case. If your insurance company wants to, they can make you attend an examination by a doctor that they have hired. “Independent Medical Examinations” are an all too common tactic that insurance companies use against you, their policy holders.

If insurance companies always promptly paid your medical bills and wage loss and compensated you fairly for your injuries, you wouldn’t be reading this website. My name is Daniel J. Lounsbury and I have handled uninsured driver cases and underinsured driver cases for over twenty years. My office knows how to help you when your insurance company doesn’t want to.

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