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Few issues in divorce are as contentious as child custody. Emotions run high, and children can become caught in the crossfire. However, it is possible to avoid this kind of turmoil — if you work with an attorney whose approach to child custody is strategic and client-focused. I am attorney Daniel J. Lounsbury, and I have been handling child custody cases in Salem, Oregon, for many years.

Unless both parties agree to it, courts will not order joint custody. Instead, the courts usually award custody to one parent and parenting time to the other. I will take steps to assert your interests while helping you focus on your child’s best interests. Drafting a parenting plan requires knowledge and experience. Without an experienced attorney to guide you, you may craft a parenting plan that adversely impacts you at some point in the future. I will help you understand and enforce your rights.

Marion County Custody Dispute Lawyer

Custody disputes can be damaging to everyone involved, especially children. As a parent, I understand how important it is to shield children from the conflicts that can arise during divorce. Whenever possible, I encourage my clients to choose settlement over litigation. However, when settlement is not possible, I am more than prepared to aggressively represent my clients in court.

In the future, your circumstances may change, and you may need to pursue a modification of the original child custody order. I am prepared to assist you with child custody orders, parental relocations and move-aways.

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