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Salem Domestic Violence Attorney

Unfortunately for some families, domestic violence is a terrifying reality. The purpose of protective orders is to help victims of domestic violence get out safely. However, protective orders are sometimes used to gain leverage in divorce and child custody cases. In order to avoid losing access to home and children, you need an attorney who can step in and contest the order. As a family law and criminal defense attorney, I am well-prepared to challenge protective orders. I am attorney Daniel J. Lounsbury. For years, I have assisted clients in Salem with issues surrounding protective orders and domestic violence.

Marion County Restraining Order Lawyer

If your former spouse or dating partner has a restraining order against you, I am prepared to take steps to challenge the order. As a criminal defense attorney, I am also prepared to defend you against any criminal charges that have been filed. My ability to handle both civil and criminal cases simplifies the process for my clients — knowing that you can rely on one lawyer to handle your legal issues can offer you a great deal of peace of mind.

I also represent victims of domestic violence. No one deserves to be abused, and if your partner has abused you, I will help you secure a protective order. As a Salem domestic violence lawyer, I will defend the order in court if your ex-partner challenges it.

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