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January 2019 Archives

What can you do if your ex-partner is behind on child support?

Oregon courts do not order child support to punish one parent or favor the other, but simply to ensure that children of divorce experience as little adverse effects of their parents' separation as possible. The recipient parent has the right to use child support as he or she sees fit, so long as he or she uses the funds to benefit the child. Common expenses for which a parent may use child support include food, shelter, clothing, entertainment, and recreational activities. If the recipient parent does not receive the support payments, it does not just hurt the parent financially, but also, it hurts the child. For this reason, Oregon takes child support enforcement very seriously. If your former partner is behind on support, the Oregon Department of Justice details what you can do to recover past-due funds.

Severing ties with financial advisers can benefit divorcees

When people make the difficult decision to get divorced from their spouse in Oregon, the positives of their choice may be difficult to realize at first as many challenges loom in their immediate future. One of the most time-consuming aspects is the process of separating financial accounts and assets as people prepare to assume independence once again. 

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