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Facilitating your child’s recovery after domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2019 | Family Law, Firm News |

Domestic violence can have lasting and damaging effects for you and anyone who has witnessed the abuse. If your former spouse in Oregon was perpetrating your abuse and your children were present at the time of the mistreatment, they may react for years to come because of the trauma they endured. At Daniel J. Lounsbury Attorney at Law, we have been able to provide support to many victims of domestic violence. 

Perhaps the most important step you can take is to remove yourself and your children from the abusive situation you are in. Often, this is much easier said than done and may require secretive movements and support from people closest to you. When you are confident that your welfare and that of your children, is indeed secure, it is time to begin the process of healing and helping your children to recover and move forward with their lives. 

According to, one of the most imperative parts of your child’s recovery is for him or her to have a reliable support system and strong friendships. Their being able to witness and be a part of healthy, safe and functional relationships is invaluable to their growth and healing. Additionally, you should discuss personal boundaries with your children and the type of treatment that is right and wrong. Encourage them to set their own boundaries and incorporate professional therapy where needed. 

When you understand how to facilitate your child’s recovery from being exposed to the trauma of domestic violence, you may be better able to provide support through their healing. For more information about getting a divorce, visit our web page.