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Custody disputes and social media

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Child custody disputes can be extremely emotional, and parents may face a number of challenges while working through these matters. From concerns about legal issues to anxiety over one’s ability to spend an ideal amount of time with kids, custody battles can bring on many difficulties. Furthermore, some parents may feel the need to share their feelings and experiences on social media. Moreover, parents may share unrelated information online which could also affect their custody dispute, and this is important to keep in mind if you are active on social media and going through a dispute over child custody.

Some posts on social media can present a parent in a bad light, such as those which show a parent partying late into the night, drinking heavily or acting a way which could be negatively viewed by others. As a result, you should be very mindful of what you post, especially if you are going through a dispute over how custody will be arranged. Some parents may also be very angry during these disputes, which can lead to emotional posts that are regretted later on. Moreover, other parents may drink more than they normally would or exhibit other forms of uncharacteristic behavior because of the intense anxiety they have.

You may also be worried about your former spouse’s behavior and some of their social media activity. If you notice that some of their posts give reason to question their ability to have custody of your child, this may be important to bring up in court as well.