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Splitting up with a financially irresponsible spouse

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

There may be a handful of reasons behind someone’s decision to divorce, whether they are tired of being subjected to emotional abuse or they cannot move beyond their spouse’s affair. In some instances, a person may be fed up with their spouse’s financial irresponsibility, to such an extent that they cannot move forward with the marriage. If your spouse is financially irresponsible, you may be tired of dealing with constant debt, a gambling problem, unnecessary shopping or any other number of financial concerns.

First, it is important to review property division laws and figure out what will happen to the debt that your spouse may have incurred during the marriage. However, you should not let divorce issues such as property division prevent you from filing for divorce if you are determined to bring the marriage to an end. Aside from being costly, it can be very emotionally draining to feel trapped in a marriage with someone who constantly spends too much. You may lose sleep over your partner’s spending, or you might become angry or depressed, and these emotions can interfere with your life in other ways.

If you decide to file for a divorce, your spouse may try to make you feel guilty, or convince you that they will change their behavior. However, you may have been through this with them in the past and have no confidence that they will change their ways. If divorce is unavoidable, it is essential to look for ways to make the end of your marriage easier.