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Red flags that indicate a future divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

Some spouses in Oregon are unhappy in their relationships but have doubts about separating. The decision to split up would be easier if there was one major sign that pointed toward divorce. However, the truth is that divorce is usually much more complicated, and there are several factors at play that drive couples apart.

Some couples have unhealthy, disrespectful, and combative relationships but stay together because they think it’s best for the children. If these couples are not able to work on their marriage as the children grow up, they will likely divorce when their kids leave home. In many cases, it does not do the couple any good to stay together simply because the children are their only tie.

One sign of disdain in a marriage is when the couple mocks each other or calls each other names. This may be to each other’s faces or friends, family members or colleagues. These types of behaviors and attitudes could be a sign that divorce is imminent.

Every couple indeed has their own disagreements. But when one partner cannot see the other with empathy, this may indicate that a divorce is in their future. Being able to look at a marriage made with a tender heart and empathy is an important part of a good relationship.

Some spouses feel that ending their marriage would be a relief. In a situation like this, a person may decide to talk about the matter with an attorney. The lawyer could provide information about complex asset division, alimony and other issues that relate to the end of a marriage. Legal counsel may be able to argue for the fitness of their client as a parent in child custody cases.