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Recognizing signs of parental alienation

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2019 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Unfortunately, it is not at all uncommon for Oregon divorces to turn ugly and acrimonious, and if you find yourself embroiled in such a divorce, you may have concerns about how it could potentially impact your children. Sometimes, parents navigating their way through divorces have particularly hard feelings toward one another, and in some instances, they may try to pass those hard feelings on to any children they share with their exes. Attorney Daniel J. Lounsbury recognizes that doing so can hinder not only the co-parenting relationship, but the shared child’s well-being, and he has helped many clients navigating these and similar circumstances pursue solutions that meet their needs.

Per Psychology Today, the process of one parent attempting to turn a child against the other parent is known as “parental alienation.” This type of behavior essentially involves one parent making repeated efforts to make it appear as if the other parent is inept, insufficient, uncaring or even dangerous.

Typically, the offending parent does this in an effort to influence that child’s feelings toward the other parent. Just what types of actions and behaviors might constitute parental alienation? In some cases, parental alienation can occur when the parent currently caring for the child refuses to let him or her contact the other parent.

It may, too, manifest if one parent encourages the child’s rejection of the other parent, possibly by repeatedly badmouthing that parent in the child’s presence. If one parent inaccurately tries to portray the other parent as dangerous or harmful, this, too, may constitute parental alienation. All forms of parental alienation have the potential to impact your child’s well-being, and so much so that there is now a shared sentiment among scholars in the field that this type of treatment constitutes a form of child abuse. You can find more about child custody and related issues on our webpage.