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Divorce: short-term trauma, long-term healing

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Divorces occur because a relationship between two people is too unhealthy to sustain itself. However, according to the American Psychological Association, it is possible for couples in Oregon and elsewhere to divorce in a healthy way, with a minimum of conflict or drama. A smooth separation will be better not only for your peace of mind but that of your ex-spouse and children as well. We at the law office of Daniel J. Lounsbury, Attorney at Law, have experience in helping individuals undergoing a divorce to focus on the big picture and keep everyone’s best interest at heart.

Parents who divorce may feel guilty about how the separation will affect their children. Some couples may even try to remain in an unhealthy relationship because they think a divorce will damage their kids. However, studies show that children who grow up in a high-conflict environment have more problems in the long run than children whose parents have irreconcilable differences and make a conscientious decision to split up. There are additional steps that you can take as parents to make the children’s transition as easy and painless as possible:

  • Give advance notice before changing their living arrangements
  • Maintain children’s contact with each parent
  • Keep conflict with your spouse to a minimum when the children are around
  • Listen to your children’s concerns and keep lines of communication open

In addition to taking care of your children during a divorce, you also need to take care of yourself. Divorce can stir up a lot of unsettling emotions, such as fear, grief, anxiety and anger. You may think that you are effectively handling your emotional state, only to have these feelings overpower you without warning. Do not become alarmed if this happens, and do not be afraid to turn to counselors, support groups, friends or family members if you feel overwhelmed by emotion.

Our legal team at Daniel J. Lounsbury, Attorney at Law, limits the number of divorce cases we take on in order to provide each case the personalized attention it deserves. More information on divorce is available on our website.