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Family law, stress, and the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2017 | Family Law, Firm News |

If you have decided to part ways with your spouse, the decision and the divorce process can be quite challenging from a number of standpoints. Moreover, family law matters can generate uncertainty and anxiety years after a divorce has been finalized. However, these hurdles can be even harder to work through during the holidays, especially for those who have children or have to answer family questions at a celebration. If you are struggling with these problems in Medford, or another Oregon city, it is essential to go over your circumstances carefully and strive for an outcome that is best for you and your children.

During the holidays, daily life in general can be stressful, let alone when a divorce is involved. This can create added uncertainty for children and parents alike, and relatives might ask probing questions during a family get-together. For example, your spouse may not attend a holiday party with you and questions might arise afterward. During the holidays, it can be difficult to send mail, reach people, or take care of certain responsibilities. With holiday shopping, winter weather, holiday-related travel, and other issues, this time of year can be tough for those splitting up with their marital partner.

However, those who have decided to divorce should not feel as if they cannot move forward with the process simply because of the holiday season. With a close review of the situation, people might be able to work towards a better end result and our family law page has more on divorce-related topics.