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Modification of the original child support order

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2017 | Child Support, Firm News |

Either parent can request that a child support order be modified in Oregon. According to the Marion County District Attorney, a change in the amount of child support may be appropriate if it has been three years or more, or if either party has had a major change in circumstances since the original order. 

The Oregon Department of Justice explains that modification does not necessarily require parents to go back to court. The request is processed through the state’s Child Support Program. The parent who requests the modification must provide proof that the new circumstances are different enough to warrant refiguring the payment amount. For example, if there has been an involuntary job loss for either parent, the child’s needs have changed or the child no longer lives with the former custodial parent, the state’s Child Support Program would probably approve the request for modification. 

Like the original child support order, the new amount is figured using the child support guidelines. After receiving the financial information of the parent, the Child Support Program makes proposed changes to the order and provides copies to each parent and any other concerned parties. This process may take between one and three months. However, if corrections are needed to the proposed modifications, it could take longer to process. On the other hand, if the changes that led to the request are more urgent, the process could be expedited.

Either parent could request a hearing if an agreement cannot be reached. At this point, the amount of child support will be in the hands of a judge.