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Dealing with insurance during a divorce

When people in Oregon decide to divorce, they may navigate a complex range of issues, including property division and child custody. In the legal, financial and emotional complications surrounding the end of a marriage, it can be easy for people to leave questions about insurance aside. However, insurance policies may need review before, during and after divorce in order for both parties to understand how their coverage will change and what policies they will need to purchase after the dissolution is final.

Facilitating your child's recovery after domestic violence

Domestic violence can have lasting and damaging effects for you and anyone who has witnessed the abuse. If your former spouse in Oregon was perpetrating your abuse and your children were present at the time of the mistreatment, they may react for years to come because of the trauma they endured. At Daniel J. Lounsbury Attorney at Law, we have been able to provide support to many victims of domestic violence. 

What are the different types of alimony in Oregon?

If, during your marriage, your spouse was the primary income-earner in your home in Marion, then you may go into your divorce proceedings automatically expecting to be awarded alimony. Yet spousal support is not intended to simply punish your spouse for working while you stayed home; rather, it is simply meant to provide you with a means of assistance in attaining the same standard of living you enjoyed while married. If the court believes you can earn enough to support that one your own, it may not award you alimony at all. 

What should you do if you plan to file for divorce?

If you are planning to file for divorce from your spouse in Oregon, you may have had feelings of uneasiness as you face an uncertain future. Despite the apprehension, you may be facing, your efforts to prepare the best you can to make a significant decision regarding your marital relationship may help lessen the difficulty of an often-challenging situation. 

Is your premarital agreement valid?

Having the talk with your spouse about signing a premarital agreement before your Oregon wedding should make your divorce process smoother. Theoretically, you should be able to use it to negotiate property division fairly quickly, saving money and time. However, if you did not enlist the help of an attorney when you created it, or if you received bad information, the agreement may not be the failsafe document you intended.

When you don't want to take your case to court

Ending a relationship is stressful enough without a long, drawn-out battle in an Oregon family court. You may be eager to get through the legal aspect of the divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible so that you can begin to heal emotionally. We at the law office of Daniel J. Lounsbury Attorney at Law frequently assist clients to reach the most favorable outcome for everyone without litigation.

Family law, stress, and the holidays

If you have decided to part ways with your spouse, the decision and the divorce process can be quite challenging from a number of standpoints. Moreover, family law matters can generate uncertainty and anxiety years after a divorce has been finalized. However, these hurdles can be even harder to work through during the holidays, especially for those who have children or have to answer family questions at a celebration. If you are struggling with these problems in Medford, or another Oregon city, it is essential to go over your circumstances carefully and strive for an outcome that is best for you and your children.

What divorcing spouses should know about restraining orders

Divorce and emotional distress typically go hand in hand, and for some people in Oregon, that strain may lead to unacceptable behavior. If a spouse is experiencing threats of violence, or if the other spouse is physically abusive, the Oregon State Bar explains that there is a law in place to address the danger: the Oregon Family Abuse Prevention Act.

Asset distribution in a divorce

When you are involved in a divorce in Oregon, one of your concerns is likely to be how your assets will be divided. States can determine what rules they will set for asset division in a divorce. There are two general rules: community property or equitable distribution. We at Willamette Valley Legal would like you to understand that Oregon is an equitable distribution state. This means that your marital property, which is the assets secured while you were married, will be divided equally between you and your spouse.

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