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Setting children up for educational success despite divorce

Divorce can be difficult for every family member of a couple, but especially the children they have shared together. If proper measures are not taken to reduce the effect that a divorce has on children, they may experience difficult emotional turmoil that could interfere with many areas of their life including their education. If two parents are getting a divorce in Oregon, it is imperative that they begin looking at their children's education endeavors immediately to reduce the negative effects that their separation will have on their children's future. 

If possible, parents should turn their focus to their children despite their disagreements in regards to their own relationship. If amicable efforts to agree upon educational goals is not doable, each parent should do their best individually to pursue what is best for their children from an educational standpoint. 

According to greatschools.org, parents should immediately begin creating a plan for helping their children accomplish their homework and other educational commitments. These plans should account for extracurricular activities that will need to be coordinated for the changes in schedule that will result from the divorce. Looking ahead to the future, parents should make important decisions about their children's college attendance by formulating a savings plan and shorter-term goals to accomplish that objective. 

CNBC suggests that parents look into a 529 education plan that can help maximize efforts to plan ahead and save for a college education. Parents that are able to make this investment and are consistent about their contributions may be able to provide significant support to their children once they reach the point where they will attend college. 

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