Salem Divorce Attorney

Even the simplest divorce can present complex legal challenges. The best way to effectively navigate divorce is to rely on the services of an experienced divorce lawyer. I am attorney Daniel J. Lounsbury, and I have been practicing family law in Salem, Oregon, for many years.

Divorce is usually a very emotional process. As a Salem divorce lawyer, I believe I serve my clients best by helping them remain calm and focused on the big picture. I work very closely with my clients; they know that I understand their concerns, and that I am committed to achieving their goals. Though I often encourage clients to choose settlement, I do not hesitate to represent my clients in court when it becomes apparent that a settlement will not be reached.

Personalized Solutions That Meet Your Individual Needs

Some attorneys offer one-size-fits-all solutions. My approach is different. By limiting the number of cases I take, I am able to concentrate more fully on each client. I offer client-focused solutions that are designed to meet my clients' unique needs.

Marion County High-Asset Divorce Attorney

Couples with significant assets face unique challenges when they dissolve their marriages. I provide effective guidance to high-asset clients and take steps to protect their assets to the fullest possible extent. Through a thorough discovery process, I am able to accurately trace and value assets, including homes, luxury items and businesses.

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